about zamiasbs

ZamiaSBS [Smart Business Services] provide a wide range of design services for small business and independent contractors in Canberra and surrounding regions. We help you compete with the big (or bigger!) guys so that the message to market that your customers see is clear, concise and enticing.

We are a small business ourselves and we understand your small businesses need for fixed price design services. We always quote on a project before we start and make sure you know exactly what you are getting. And its not just a final number on a piece of paper – you get an itemised quote and a full written brief with the project’s aims and outcomes identified and our design method explained.

We don’t just “pretty things up”, we look at your business needs and create a solution that you will be happy with and that will grow with you. Good design is just the start. We don’t leave you stranded because we are one of the few design businesses that provide real after sales service!

We work smart for your business so you can work smart for your customers.

what we can do for you

  • Inexpensive corporate identity
  • Electronic document templates
  • Product and service branding
  • Low cost web design and hosting
  • Intranet CMS / on-line applications integration
  • No-waste short run brochures
  • Tender presentations
  • Project pitches
  • Presentation slide writing, design and coaching
  • Résumé presentation
  • Presentation training
  • Computer coaching
  • Office interior decoration and presentation with added wow!
  • Interior corporate signage, wall murals and digital art.

who we’ve worked for

ZamiaSBS is a small design business set up to provide design support for other businesses. The principal designer for ZamiaSBS, Stephen Holmes, has spent the last 20 years working for many small and medium businesses, franchises and architectural and engineering practices. He has helped companies large and small with export development support and also designed and provided support for specialist trade shows around Australia and overseas.

  • Stroudgate – business publications corporate web site
  • Gunnedah Timbers – Australian cypress web site
  • PowerUp Solar – Solar panel suppliers/ installers corporate identity
  • PowerUp Solar – Solar panel suppliers/ installers web site
  • Beacon IT Group – corporate identity
  • Beacon IT Group – comprehensive marketing collateral
  • Beacon IT Group – corporate web site
  • SingTel Bridge – online business management portal user interface design
  • Globe Telecom – mobile payments management interface
  • Utiba - corporate identity
  • Utiba – corporate web site
  • Kate McGhie – All that’s food
  • Cooee Phone Company – web application user interface design
  • Yellow Pages Online – Telstra mobile search user interface

reasons NOT to use our web design services…

…and our answers to those reasons:

“I only have local trade, so why do I need to be on the world wide web”

  • just as people use phone directories, they now also use search engines to find their local suppliers. We can show you how to attract and track your local customers.

“I can't afford a web site”

  • our prices start as low as $650 + GST; way less than an average advertisement in the local newspaper which only lasts a day!

“I use a phone directory listing”

  • directories are great, but the web can provide your potential customers with much more information about your business than a directory listing ever could, and more and more people are just Googling to find what they want and by-passing traditional printed directories and print advertising altogether.

“my business doesn't need a web site”

  • perhaps not, but if your competition does, where does that leave you? Web sites help you to develop and protect your existing customer base by increasing market visibility.

“I get my referrals by word of mouth – I’ve never had to advertise”

  • so you are exactly the sort of business that would benefit from us – we help you maximise that word-of-mouth power by providing potential customers with an instant “face” they can trust, reinforcing the initial endorsement. “These guys are great, check out their web site to see what they do”, is a better word-of-mouth endorsement than “these guys are great, but I don’t remember their phone number, sorry.”

what is a zamia?

These attractive cycads can be fern- or palm-like in appearance and come from a range of habitats, with some growing as under-story plants in moist tropical rainforests and others from more open habitats with unreliable rainfall and considerably more sun.

Zamia are a diverse range of plants that survive in a wide range of conditions; an appropriate idea association, we think, for any business these days!

For the curious, here is a link to the Wikipedia entry for Zamia, a genus of Cycad, or the Royal Botanical Gardens of Sydney entry, a part of the excellent Cycad Pages project!

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