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Get great introductory advice on presenting and marketing your business.

Check out our special offers below or talk to us over a cuppa – obligation free – about any one of our specialist design and business support services on an hourly rate or daily rate basis. All of our work is fully quoted before any work proceeds, and we stage our work so that you are satisfied with the quality of our work and designs every step of the way.

identity + brand + online starter package

We’ve often found that new businesses need three things when starting up, or making a decision to grow their business:

  • Corporate Identity Design
  • Electronic Document Templates
  • Web Site and Hosting

ZamiaSBS fixed-price Starter Packages gets you off to a great start.

What you get:

We design a logo and colour scheme for your business, plus electronic artwork files ready to get printed for the letterhead, with compliments slip, and business cards for up to four people.

Using your new corporate identity design as a starting point we create Microsoft Word templates for your letterhead, fax cover sheet and address labels, a PowerPoint template with five different master pages for presentations, and an electronic Signature file for your e-mails.

Finally we build your new on-line presence. You get up to ten-pages in an informative static web site with 24 months standard maintenance. We also set up hosting and .com domain registration for two years.

All you need to supply are the words and any product images or photos, and we can help you with that as well. We’ll guide you through the whole process.

(Note: If you want a .com.au domain site we can do that as well, but you’ll need to pay a little extra as AU domain registration is more expensive. If you need to edit or change the site at any time there is an additional time-based charge based on the work required to make the required changes.)

Each of the three services is normally $650 per service plus GST, however we’ll package the lot for $1,995 including GST! That is a $150 saving!

Call us today for an obligation free chat over a cuppa to discuss your needs.

business builder package

We’ve seen many small businesses start off with great design and communication but they falter as cash-flow gets tight, so the quality and depth of their message to their customers suffers.

Zamia’s Business In A Box Starter Pack is suitable for new or established businesses and gives them the tools to keep their message on target while keeping a tight rein on costs.

  • Smart Business Services Assessment – Starter
  • Computer Asset Assessment – Starter
  • Collateral Tune Up – Starter
  • Smart Computer Training – Starter

ZamiaSBS fixed-price Starter Packs gets you off to a great start.

What you get:

We review your existing marketing and promotions strategy and collateral items, both online and traditional media, and do a health check-up on how you are using them, how you can measure their effectiveness and how to improve your message and its delivery to your customers.

We look at your current computer hardware and software assets in terms of its suitability as a media and marketing system and suggest changes if required. We help you to assess the kinds of inexpensive software and hardware you can add to your arsenal to produce your own promotion materials and marketing analysis.

We look at all of your existing marketing collateral and simplify the methods and message so that it can be planned and executed internally, keeping costs down, yet allowing you to be more flexible and reactive to changes in your market. For new businesses we re-jig this service to help you sharpen your own ideas and help you produce your first messages to your market. 

Once you have the assessments we train you in optimising the use of your existing software and hardware and any new assets that you’ve added at our direction.

Each of the four full services is normally $650 per service plus GST, however we’ll package simpler Starter Pack version of these services for $1,500 including GST! That is a $1,360 saving over the full Business In A Box service!

social media starter

This service is currently under development. Contact us today to get an email brochure sent to you outlining the services on offer to date.

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