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Business comms – short for business communications – is the name we give to the day-to-day work you do actively presenting your message to your customers, person to person.

Whereas identity and branding can be left alone to do their job once established, business communications need constant work, tweaking the message as you develop a deeper understanding of your market and your customer’s needs.

The digital era has seen the introduction of some great new ways of communicating person to person and in any business today you need to be both quick and accurate in your message over a number of different communications channels. Business comms is where you craft your message, ready to send it down the most appropriate channels for maximum benefit.

That channel may be in the form of brochures, personal presentations to customers or even a concerted campaign through social media web sites. Ask us what suits your business best.

short run brochures

Perhaps you’ve seen the boxes of five-year-old brochures in offices that you’d previously worked in before you started your own business. Or letterheads left over when the business moved that are just used by the bosses kids for drawing on. What a waste of money!

We can provide high quality brochures designed to be printed in small batches only when they are needed. You need 200 for a trade show: That’s all we get printed and all you’ll pay for. Another 100 for a mail-out five months after that – sure! We design them to suit the method of printing and optimise the potential of digital printing, even down to offering personalisation for promotional materials if you have a mailing list with the intended recipients name!

Pricing for this service starts at $1200 + GST for simple brochures and includes design proposals and mock-ups, editing and targeting your message, and high quality royalty free photo stock images if required. All is presented as a high-resolution print-ready electronic file that you can print yourself or send off to a short run printing bureau.

presentation bootcamp

One of the most commonly misunderstood tools on our computer is the ubiquitous computer Slide Show using Microsoft’s PowerPoint or Apple’s Keynote.

How you present yourself is vital in today’s business world, so why people inflict what is often referred to as “Death by PowerPoint” on their audience is beyond us. Too many bullet points, to many slides, too much wiz-bang effects that don’t help the clear, clean and concise presentation of information and ideas to an often-bewildered audience.

We’ve done quite a few shockers in our time in the dim and distant past, and we learned from our mistakes. We found that there are excellent classes available to learn how to use the software to create the file that you run during your presentations, but very few actually show you how to use that resulting file effectively to engage and inform their audience.

We start with our Business Presentation Health and Safety check-up and look at your existing presentations and then send them off to a designer’s equivalent of Boot Camp to trim off the fat and help you to manage and focus your audiences’ attention on your message, not what is written on the slides. We do this by using good design, appropriate imagery and time-based coaching. We look at the whole presentation, starting from you walking into the room until the last of your audience leaves the room with your brochure or business card and a keenness to take the next step you are aiming for.

Pricing for this service starts at $650 + GST and includes our Business Presentation Health and Safety check-up. We look at you existing presentation file and method, then trim the fat and over-used special effects to help keep your audience engaged and informed without them.

crafting your social media message

This service is currently under development. Contact us today to get an email brochure sent to you outlining the services on offer to date.

Pricing for this service starts at $650 + GST.

business communications tune-up

Organise your business with Zamia’s Business Communications Tune-Up service.

We’ve seen many small businesses start off with great design and communication but they falter as cash-flow gets tight, so the quality of their message to their customers suffers. You know that as a small business person that you must keep in contact with your customers and continually promote the benefits of your products and services, so instead or going to an expensive designer every time you need a flyer or an e-mailer campaign why not do it all in-house?

We offer the following services that can be used individually or ask us about our special offers on combining these units for a complete business communications package.

We review your existing marketing and promotions strategy and materials, both online and traditional media, and do a health check-up on how you are using them, how to measure their effectiveness and how to improve your message and its delivery to your customers by moving the majority of your marketing in-house.

For new businesses, we work with you to help you sharpen your own ideas and help you produce your first messages to your market. We also help to set in place basic marketing performance metrics gathering tools to help you gage the effectiveness of your new campaign.

Pricing for this service starts at $650 + GST and includes review of your current marketing program and introduction to simple marketing metrics tracking methods and analysis tools.

To move your marketing in-house you’ll need to make sure your computers are up to the task. We’re not trying to sell you a new computer; we are aiming to optimise your existing computer resources if possible to help you cut down external expenses.

We look at your current computer hardware and software assets in terms of its suitability as a media and marketing system and suggest changes if required. We help you to assess the kinds of inexpensive software and hardware you can add to your arsenal to produce your own promotion materials and marketing analysis.

We look at your computers, internet connectivity, cameras, scanners, and other digital aids to help create a campaign that can be managed in-house without too much additional expenditure.

Pricing for this service starts at $650 + GST and includes a review of your current computer hardware, software and digital aids and suggest inexpensive ways to improve the productivity of these devices.

We look at all of your existing marketing collateral – brochures, hand-outs, posters, in-store displays, e-mail marketers, postcards, etc. – and simplify the methods and message so that it can be planned and executed internally, keeping costs down, yet allowing you to be more flexible and reactive to changes in your market.

For new businesses we re-jig this service to help you sharpen your own ideas and help you produce your first messages to your market.

The direction we take will be guided by the outcome of your Computer Asset Assessment program.

Pricing for this service starts at $650 + GST

Once you have the three main Business In A Box assessments we train you in optimising the use of your existing software and hardware and any new assets that you’ve added to your marketing toolkit at our direction. All this is done in tune with our recommendations.

We help you with computer, scanner, digital camera, networking and software introductory training to suit your requirements, and suggest any externally provided full-service courses that you may benefit from.

Pricing for this service starts at $650 + GST and includes optimisation training in software that you already may have, plus introductory training for the software and hardware that we suggest that you buy as part of the Business Communications Tune-Up Assessment.

tenders and pitches

Many businesses we work with are constantly writing tenders and requests for information (RFI) submissions for projects ranging from service provision proposals to consultancy work. Some tender and RFI processes require set templates and formats so that snazzy presentation cannot affect the outcome, but there are still some tricks to successful tendering or submitting RFI submissions.

We help you review and edit your proposals to clarify the message and add maximum impact to the proposal documentation.

Pricing for this service starts at $650 + GST and includes a review of your current presentations template

You’ve got a presentation that could be a make or break point in your businesses growth, so to make sure it hits all the right notes for your target audience, bring in ZamiaSBS to add that extra zing.

Pricing for this service starts at $650 + GST.

real world presence

ZamiaSBS can provide you with low cost office interior decoration and presentation with added wow! This may includeinterior identity/brand signage, wall murals and digital art to enhance your workplace and impress your walk-up customers.

We can improve the look and presentation of your shop or office through enlightenment and enhancement with stunning graphics, including corporate signage, branding, bold colour statements on the walls, enticing product and lifestyle photographs and a wide range of abstract and figurative digital art. All aimed at making your business environment liveable, enjoyable and impressive to your customers.

We can help you plan the transition from dreary office to exciting workplace with artists impressions of how the office will look before you even start the production and fit-out phase.

Pricing for this service starts at $650 + GST and includes a set of 3 framed high quality inspirational or quirky photographic images, graphics or product photos and graphics for your office that will bring impact, admiration and positive feedback from your customers.

Other packages available with prices depending on your unique requirements.

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