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The online world is massive and it is hard to get lost. No longer can we say, “if you build it, they will come”. The Internet now carries not just web sites, but social media enablers like Twitter, My Space and Facebook. It also has some potentially confusing acronyms like HTTP, HTTP, CSS and RSS to name the most popular.

They you may have heard about Web 2.0, AJAX, Gov 2.0 and any number buzzwords that pile up thick and fast as new ideas are propagated across the web.

Yes, we do web sites, from simple static information sites to complex web-based customer management applications. But your online presence can also be significantly enhanced with social media and cloud-based services added to your armour of powerful business-building tools.

We can help you build your web site, set up and coach you how to optimise your social media presence and then how to use the best web applications out there to keep your business on track and allow access to these tools anywhere you have an internet connection.

low cost web design and hosting

We can create an informative web site design that creatively presents your own unique message to your existing and potential customers.

First we look at your needs and resources, assess any existing marketing materials and map out a web strategy plan before building a small locally hosted prototype.

Once the prototype is approved, we build your new on-line presence. Our base* package starts as a ten-page informative static web site with 24 months standard maintenance. We also set up hosting and .com** domain registration for two years.

All you need to supply are the words – which we will help edit and arrange – and any product images or photos, and we can help you with that as well. We’ll guide you through the whole process.

We can help you out with photography for a little extra, depending on how much you need. Just ask us for a quick quote.

Pricing for this service starts at $650 + GST and includes a ten page informative static web site with 24 months standard maintenance. We also set up hosting and .com* domain registration for the first two years

(*More pages can be added at extra cost.)

(** If you want a domain site we can do that as well, but you’ll need to pay a little extra as AU domain registration is more expensive.)

expanding your web presence

We recommend that if you are building your first web site, create a low-cost static site first to test the user acceptance and message success rates before committing to a site with a full-blown CMS (Content Management System). Ultimately a CMS-driven site will allow you to grow and manage content yourself, however when starting up sites with an active editable CMS can be far more expensive and the interaction design less flexible than a static ‘hand-built’ and tweakable custom site.

Are staff always asking where is a particular file such as an old tender from last year is? Or the new office girl wanting to know the correct procedure for an administrative task that is only done once a year? Do you have trouble finding that staff review or report on your laptop?

This sounds like you could do with an intranet.

Intranets allow you to set up areas that hold a copy of critical business process files, staff bios, tender documents, phone lists and other corporate knowledge. And because it is all on-line, you don’t need to constantly call the office when you are on the road. Intranet equals problem solved, so ask us how we can add a Wiki or CMS-backed intranet component to your web site, or build one that is stand-alone and sits on your own internal network.

Pricing for this service starts at $650 + GST and includes intranet set-up with an open-source CMS (Content Management System) or Wiki and seeding of the site with your existing work and office process documents.

social media channels

This service is currently under development. Contact us today to get an email brochure sent to you outlining the services on offer to date.

cloud computing

If you want to start automating some of your business processes, from e-mail marketing and automated handling of e-mailed sales enquiries to service bookings, talk to us about adding interactive functions to your site. We have a suite of off-the-shelf web service modules that you can integrate into your web site or internal intranet. Since these productivity applications are all on-line they are all cross-platform and run on all of the most popular computer systems.

Some of the most useful web-based applications that we use include:

  • Document Management
  • Project Management
  • Customer Resource Management
  • Time Tracking
  • E-mail Sales Request Forms
  • Remote collaboration Portals
  • On-line meetings

Some solutions are actually free to use, and we can train you and your staff in getting the best out of these services. Others are subscription based at reasonable rates that can work out to be far cheaper and more tax effective than buying desktop software when you are just starting a business.

Talk to us about what you hope to achieve and we’ll look at your current computing and network capabilities and then we’ll propose and demonstrate the best on-line solutions package for you.

Pricing for this service starts at $650 + GST and includes setting up an inexpensive subscription-based on-line document archive, project collaboration space and a project management tools.

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