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A while back we used to call this corporate identity, since only large companies could afford it. But in the digital age everybody is doing it, and unfortunately is often shows.

Forget about just getting a logo and a letterhead and off you go. You need to explore a little further and look for the identity that you want your business to present to your customers. And if you also sell unique products you’ll also need to look at a branding strategy as well.

Fortunately you can get all that and more at Zamia.

inexpensive business identity

Did you know that the swishy symbol of a well-known international sporting goods company was done on a kitchen table and cost the original owners less than $50 back in 1971?

We can’t promise your company will grow as big as them, but that experience shows that good design that lasts doesn’t have to cost the earth, or starve your business of funds to get up and running and present a good clean and informative face to your customers.

The designers at Zamia have over 20 years experience with business identity, corporate identity and branding – and yes, they are all different – so when we start a new project, we already have a 20+ years head start, so that in the end our experience gets you a great usable design with impact and “legs”!

And once you are happy with the design, we provide you with print-ready artwork of letterheads and business cards on a CD that you can take to your printer, or we can get them done for you and handle all the messy details.

Do you really need to get them printed you may ask. While we can also supply you with a letterhead using our electronic document template service we recommend at a minimum that business cards are still best done at a specialist printer for that special high quality presentation and finish.

Pricing for this service starts at $650 + GST and includes logo and colour scheme for your business, plus electronic artwork for the letterhead, with compliments slip and business cards for up to four people. Printing is extra, based on the final design.

digital document templates

Today’s business can literally sit on a laptop and go anywhere. You may not even have an office or a traditional shopfront to help show your customers who you are and what you do, so the electronic messages and documentation that you use to communicate with you customers become more important.

We can help by providing a full set of electronic master documents including an e-mail signature file and Word and PowerPoint templates that can help to reinforce your brand and promote you at the electronic frontier. So save money on printing by going fully electronic!

Our Word templates and are easy to load into your Microsoft Office templates gallery so they are available whenever you need to create a new document with full company logo, consistent styles and printable on your desktop inkjet printer.

Our PowerPoint templates can have multiple master pages, such as front page, section page, diagram page and text page; all branded with custom styles and with a common custom theme unique to your needs.

Pricing for this service starts at $650 + GST and includes Microsoft Word templates for your letterhead, fax cover sheet and address labels, a PowerPoint template with five different master pages for presentations, and an electronic Signature file for your e-mails.

product and service branding

OK, so you have a corporate identity, but are you also getting that mixed up with your product or service branding?

Corporate identity and branding are rarely the same thing, especially in the small to medium enterprise (SME) marketing space. You may start out with only one product or service, but if you don’t plan from the beginning you can end up with public confusion of what your brand represents.

A simple example is the fictional company Tim’s Pies. Let’s say that at the start, Tim made pies, but then started making cakes as well. He changed his company and business card to Tim’s Pies and Cakes, and then on adding a partner to handle the load, they became Tim and Tom’s Pies and Cakes. The question we would have asked Tim was “Where do you want to go?” not “What are you doing now?” A little brand and identity planning would have seen this problem before it grew like Topsy and Tim would have started off with a brand name that would still work as the business grew.

We can also help you with all the legal issues with branding and identity, such as trademarks, registered designs and copyright protection of images and designs.

We start the process with our own unique Business Branding Health Check that looks at your current corporate identity and product offerings to see where your strengths and weaknesses are, then we create a Progress Plan to help you market, promote and build your brands using inexpensive web-based solutions and local community brand-building methods.

Pricing for this service starts at $650 + GST and includes a Business Branding Health Check and Progress Plan.

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